Women’s Empowerment Self-Defence Workshop

This women-only, hands on self-defence course is suitable for girls and women of all fitness levels (13 years+). It has been specifically designed to give women an introduction into some simple and practical self-defence techniques that will help you to identify and avoid potential threats in a range of environments.


If someone grabs your hand when you’re walking down the street, would you know how to release it and escape? What if someone ( larger and stronger ) was pulling you towards their car, or a dark street – what would you do? Or if you were pinned to ground? Or grabbed from behind? We will learn some take downs, throws, and techniques to neutralize and remove yourself from threatening situations.

When you can recognise and respond to potentially dangerous situations, you’re naturally more confident and less likely to become a target of crime.


This 6 week course costs $120 and is made up of 6 x 1hr classes which will be taught by black-belt and academy owner; Ivan Voronoff.


Saturday afternoon 2pm-3pm.

Saturday, March 9th to Saturday, April 13th, 2019

Each workshop requires a minimum of 4 women to run.

Places are limited.